​Today’s reality is that acquirers and ISOs cannot continue to rely on selling card-acceptance services based solely on price or cost savings. To be successful, you must differentiate yourself from the competition and communicate a message of value loud and clear.  In addition, it’s important to acknowledge that merchants want and need to improve revenue.  This doesn't just have to happen by cutting expenses in terms of their processing fees. You really should take a look at ways to help your merchant customers and prospects generate new revenue.

Here’s where Strategic Marketing comes in. We can help identify and articulate a value proposition that succinctly differentiates your business. Once accomplished, we create marketing programs and materials that reinforce this message across all your marketing channels and vehicles, including sales pitches, sales collateral, sales kick-off meetings, advertising, public relations, direct marketing and more. Strategic Marketing can also help you evaluate and launch new products and services such as prepaid, loyalty, check services and remote deposit capture that can be sold to augment traditional card processing services. Value-added products and services create great opportunities to hold new discussions with merchants around revenue growth and expansion possibilities.

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It seems like the majority of conversations our salespeople are having right now with merchants revolve around lowering their merchant processing fees. Since the first of the year will be upon us shortly, I’d like to give our salespeople something new and positive to talk to merchants about. I’d also like to get us ready to ramp up our sales to achieve better and stronger results. Any ideas?